Elevate your Energy Naturally with SMARTfx Original Citrus Ginseng

Many energy drinks that are currently available on the market contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine, giving you an initial high in energy followed by an inevitable crash. SMARTfx Original Citrus Ginseng contains ginseng as a key ingredient, which is known to provide you with sustained natural energy. When you take ginseng you will not feel the immediate surge of energy that normally comes from sugar or caffeine, nor will you feel the crash several hours later. However, the effects will build over time and fill you with a sense of vigor and strength. Ginseng enhances energy levels, concentration and alertness, as well as rejuvenates your body. Ginseng has a subtler effect than any medicine or stimulant such as caffeine and it can help you in ways that are healthier and longer lasting. Best of all ginseng is a safe, healthy herb that can improve energy, vitality, performance and activity.

In SMARTfx Original Citrus Ginseng, the ginseng is added to citrus juices from orange and grapefruit. In addition, gingko biloba extract is added to all SMARTfx beverages, which is known to help improve blood circulation, memory and concentration.

Another powerful ingredient in our SMARTfx Original beverage is flaxseed. According to Dr. Axe in Food is Medicine, flaxseed could help you improve digestion, give you clear skin, lower cholesterol, reduce sugar cravings, balance hormones, fight cancer and promote weight loss. Flaxseed is also popular for its antioxidant benefits.

If you are looking to energize naturally, our SMARTfx Original Citrus Ginseng Health and Wellness beverage is a great option for any health-conscious consumer!By Hina Palan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, based on publicly available website information and printed materials. (These statements are for educational purposes only without any medical claims.)

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