img_corporate_smartfxSMARTfx enjoys unsurpassed brand loyalty among consumers of all ages from coast to coast. Founded in 1996, the innovative family of award-winning SMARTfx products began with one beverage formula called Original. In 2003, SMARTfx launched an oxygenated distilled water named H2O, true to the company’s innovative, leading edge status in the natural refreshment category.

The fresh, natural-themed SMARTfx trademark brand represents an unconventional yet high quality and deliciously revitalizing product. The distinctive logo and packaging have played a large part in motivating discerning consumers to seek it out and ask for it by name. SMARTfx beverages and SNAX have earned that status due to a look, feel, taste And quality that remain new, evoking natural goodness and appealing taste in a simple presentation that allows its makers to offer premium products at a reasonable price.

Future growth

In 2003, SMARTfx , is on the threshold of a major milestone in its dynamic history. While Toronto, Canada will remain the beach-head and International Headquarters for SMARTfx , the company has established a U.S. base in Los Angeles, California. SMARTfx is well received in the U.S., while the US $7 billion alternative beverage market, and the burgeoning US $500 million natural snacks market hold the key to unlocking the true potential of SMARTfx to establish itself as a North American household name.

Acknowledged as a truly smart alternative ‘for vital minds and active times’ by consumers, the media and the food and beverage industry, SMARTfx is a success story on many levels. Due to truly original products and flavors, a well-thought out distribution strategy, and highly cost-conscious management style, few Canadian food and beverage businesses can claim as steady a build of brand, or as solid a foundation for future growth. Indeed SMARTfx is consistently featured in industry write ups announcing the coming of a new age in North American foods and beverages, and the company has become known in the business as a vocal advocate of the manufacturing of natural products in Canada.

Product Research & Development

SMARTfx Original and the family of all natural products that followed its lead were created by instinct – a strong personal connection to consumer trends that was researched and anticipated by a core group of committed leaders. Beyond imagining the formula for the juice-based drinks, the SNAX, and H20, the makers of SMARTfx have become experts and advocates in alternative foods and beverages, as well as leaders in effective grass-roots marketing – a proven strategy that is increasingly popular among even the most established North American corporations, from cars to banking.

Innovations, including recipe ideas and promotional items, are conjured by other stakeholders as well. Ideas are generated by everyone from sales agents, to consultants, to management and investors, and along with industry professionals, refined by those closest to the end consumer.

SMARTfx has a strong network of relationships with suppliers for sourcing the very particular raw materials and ingredients that have resulted in award-winning products and which ensure the quality and viability of future creations.

Product safety and quality is guaranteed and meets all Health Canada requirements, and those of the Federal Department of Agriculture in the U.S. All labeling in Canada is bilingual and includes nutritional facts.

Tastes Good, Looks Good

Jump-at-you graphics and colours echo throughout items that support sales agents and retailers in creating a SMARTfx world of in-store advertising, including tent cards, shelf poppers, vinyl cooler and floor stickers, posters, display units and vehicle graphics.

Consumer consciousness of SMARTfx is also very successfully raised through high-energy in-store demos conducted by sales and/or demo agents. Demos are a key activity for gaining new fans, and giving a pat on the back to the already converted for choosing SMARTfx as their daily alternative to typical sugar-based beverages.

Further heightening awareness of the much-loved SMARTfx brand, a line of colorful, high-quality fabric apparel is available by order through the SMARTfx website at Men’s and ladies t-shirts, polo shirts, fleece vests, caps and jackets are true to the company’s vision of attractiveness through goodness.

Sales Marketing and Distribution

SMARTfx – made with added herbal or functional ingredients for energy and vitality — was founded on the premise that an entirely new product was needed in the market to fulfill the growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives to sugar, sodium and chemical-laden refreshment. It was thought that for such products to truly make inroads across Canada and beyond, they would need to be marketed through a self-serving distribution system that ensured complete focus on its uniqueness and quality. A small number of dedicated sales, management and business professionals have lived and breathed life into this concept through sheer will and an uncompromising determination to see it succeed by pounding the pavement on a daily basis for the past six years to place SMARTfx beverages and SNAX in thousands of key accounts, high-visibility community events and functions, and major organizations such as Loblaw, which claims that SMARTfx is its number-one-selling single serve natural beverage, and has included it in its vast warehousing operation. A group of equally committed entrepreneurs and creative professionals, some who are also founding investors, form the core advisory team that helps sustain the company’s vision of establishing a classic institution of the future, which is sure to reap not only financial but also life-enhancing rewards.

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